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stump removal including sandpoint and all of North Idaho

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When you remove stumps, you immediately improve the overall value of your property. Stumps can be a safety hazard as well as an eyesore, and we strive to make it seem as though the stump was never there. We serve the greater Sandpoint area.

Our Process  

Step 1- Assessment

We assess the size and location of the stumps to be removed.  Factors to consider include the type and age of tree, soil and rocks in the vicinity, buried irrigation or electrical lines, and whether you would like the chips/mulch removed from the site.  

Step 2- Removal

We remove soil and rocks from around the stump and begin the grinding process, typically removing the stump six inches below grade.  Sandpoint stump removal

Step 3- Mulch

The resulting mulch can be left in place, removed from your site entirely, or placed in a location for you to use in the future for gardens, fruit trees, or paths.  I can also import top soil and reseed the location if you desire.  

Step 4- Cleanup

We pride ourselves on leaving your site as clean as possible after the removal of your stump or stumps. This site is ready for top soil to be replaced and reseeded.   

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We inspect every site before giving a bid to ensure your satisfaction.

 Our site inspections and bids are free and we cover the Sandpoint and greater North Idaho region. 

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